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Criminal Law: People v Orita

184 SCRA 105, April 3, 1990
THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee,
vs.CEILITO ORITA alias "Lito," defendant-appellant

Facts: Ceilito Orita was accused of frustrated rape by the RTC. He appealed to the Court of Appeals for review. The accused poke a “balisong” to college freshman Cristina Abayan as soon as she got into her boarding house early morning after arriving from a party. She knew him as a frequent visitor of another boarder. She was dragged inside the house up the stairs while his left arm wrapped around her neck, and his right hand poking the Batangas knife to her neck. Upon entering her room, he pushed her in and got her head hit on the wall. He immediately undressed while still holding the knife with one hand, and ordered her to do the same. He ordered her to lie down on the floor and then mounted her. He asked her to hold his penis and insert it in her vagina, while still poking the knife to her. She followed, but the appellant could not fully penetrate her in such a position. Next, he laid down on his back and commanded her to mount him, but he cannot fully penetrate her. When Orita’s hands were both flat on the floor, complainant escaped naked. She ran from room to room as appellant pursued her, and finally jumped out through a window. She went to the municipal building nearby and knocked on the back door for there was no answer. When the door opened, the policemen inside the building saw her crying and naked. She was given a jacket for covering by the first policeman who saw her. The policemen dashed to her boarding house but failed to apprehend the accused. She was brought to a hospital for physical examination. Her PE revealed that she is still a virgin, with abrasions on the left breast, left and right knees, and multiple pinpoint marks on her back, among others. The trial court convicted the accused of frustrated rape.

Crime Committed: Frustrated Rape
Issue: Whether or not the frustrated stage applies to the crime of rape?

Contention of the Accused: The accused contends that there is no crime of frustrated rape. The trial court erred in disregarding the substantial inconsistencies in the testimonies of the witnesses; and the trial court erred in declaring that the crime of frustrated rape was committed by the accused. He was not able to fully penetrate in her. The accused also questions also the failure of the prosecution to present other witnesses to corroborate the allegations in the complaint. The accused used the Article 266 of the RPC to show that he is not guilty of frustrated rape, and Article 6 to stress the difference of consummated, frustrated, and attempted felonies.

Contention of the People: The victim's testimony from the time she knocked on the door of the municipal building up to the time she was brought to the hospital was corroborated by Pat. Donceras. Rather than discredit the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses, discrepancies on minor details must be viewed as adding credence and veracity to such spontaneous testimonies. The accused committed rape.

Ruling: The decision of the RTC is hereby MODIFIED. The accused Ceilito Orita is hereby found guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of rape [consummated] and sentenced to reclusion perpetua as well as to indemnify the victim in the amount of P30,000.00.

Clearly, in the crime of rape, from the moment the offender has carnal knowledge of his victim he actually attains his purpose and, from that moment also all the essential elements of the offense have been accomplished. Nothing more is left to be done by the offender, because he has performed the last act necessary to produce the crime. Thus, the felony is consummated. [Art. 266 and Art. 6]
We have set the uniform rule that for the consummation of rape, perfect penetration is not essential. Any penetration of the female organ by the male organ is sufficient. Entry of the labia or lips of the female organ, without rupture of the hymen or laceration of the vagina is sufficient to warrant conviction

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